3M ESPE Lava Crowns and Bridges are made from a translucent framework of high-strength zirconium oxide. Now you can achieve the standards of porcelain fused to metal (PFM) as easily and more beautifully with an all-ceramic material. Lava crowns and bridges is not an alternative to PFM. It is here to replace it.

Dr D Edelhoff and MDT V Weber, Aachen, Germany. Example of translucency difference between PFM and Lava Crown and bridges

Lava Crown And Bridges

The strength to offer high-quality bridgework in anterior or posterior regions.

3M ESPE Lava Crowns and Bridge offer the highest strength restorations to the dental industry. Its mechanical properties allow the manufacture and placement of bridges up to 6 unit in length without any compromise of the lifespan of the restoration.


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Product advantagesBenefits to you and your patients
Lava crowns and bridges are extremely strong and durable
  • Restorations can be used in both the anterior and posterior
  • Your patients can be assured of a reliable and long-lasting restoration
A selection of coloured zirconia frameworks
  • Allows crowns and bridges to mimic natural dentine, giving maximum vitality
  • Excellent aesthetics due to the translucency of zirconia frameworks
  • Full monolithic crowns and bridges using Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia with maximum strength
CAD/CAM design
  • Extremely accurate design leading to excellent fit
  • Reliable results, every time

Individually Coloured Frameworks

A homogeneous colouring is applied to the individual frameworks using a patented method. The frameworks can be coloured to one of seven different shades.

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