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Precision Dental Studio is proud to have produced some of the dental restorations for leading aesthetic dental surgeons across the world, as well as for television series such as Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger series. A less than perfect smile can be transformed with the correct dental treatment, first by consultation with your dentist, then by creating a diagnostic wax model on which to base the treatment and finally by the restorative procedure that will give you confidence in your smile.

Private dentists

We would be pleased to recommend a private dentist in your area with whom we work. Simply go to our Contacts page and fill in your e-mail details, and we will provide you with the dentist’s name, address and contact telephone number.

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Shade Matching

When undergoing treatment for a new ceramic crown, your dentist might ask you to visit our laboratory for a shade match to be made. Shade matching can also be undertaken using photos sent to the laboratory.

Our trained technicians use digital equipment to accurately capture tooth details and ensure close shade matching for natural results. This is a non-invasive procedure lasting about 15 minutes, during which the technician takes digital photographs of your teeth. This enables the ceramist, who will make the restoration, to match the colour of the new tooth as closely as possible to your existing teeth for a natural look, allowing you to smile with confidence.

We will also discuss with you and your dentist the best restoration to be used in your particular case. In some instances, your dentist might attend if he or she feels this would be beneficial.


Denture Repairs

We offer a same-day denture repair service for patients in our local area. In addition to carrying out the repair, we might be able to advise you on the cause of the breakage or, in the case of repetitive breaks, we might suggest a visit to your dentist to investigate the fit.


Precision Dental Studio is proud to provide a fully equipped dental surgery for dentist and patient consultation.

For patients further afield, photos can be sent from surgery to laboratory by e.mail, Drop Box or memory stick. This, together with regular communication between dentist and laboratory, greatly improves the quality of the finished product.


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