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Patient 1

“My motivation for having the treatment was that I had stopped smiling. I was very self conscious of the way my teeth looked when I smiled. People who didn’t know thought maybe I had lost weight or said I looked good but couldn’t quite work out what it was that was different about me. I feel now that I can smile without thinking about it, it’s spontaneous.”

Patient 2

“The main reason for having dental treatment was I suppose vanity. I’ve never had very long teeth, they have always been neat little teeth and I wanted them a little more prominent. I feel much more confident with my smile.

All of my family have noticed the difference, some have not said anything. Most of my friends have noticed but not said anything, because it’s not that noticeable and that was the objective for me.”

Patient 3

“I don’t even think about it really, that’s the most important thing. Lots of people go for a very white smile or whatever, but for me it was just about having in my fifties natural looking teeth and having a natural smile and I don’t even think about it.”

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