Terms Of Trade

  1. In these terms, “Precision” means Precision Dental Studio whose registered office is at Rivermead, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 4EP England and “the Dentist” means any Dentist who carries on practice in the UK and who places an order on Precision. The UK price list means Precision’s price list for the UK current at the time the order is accepted by Precision.
  2. These terms apply to all orders given to Precision by any Dentist who carries on practice in the UK.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Dentist to supply Precision with all the information that Precision needs in order to carry out the order.
  4. Where an order is given by the Dentist in writing (whether he uses a form provided by Precision or not) Precision shall not be obliged to accept the order.
  5. When Precision accept an order they will make the part ordered in a proper and workmanlike manner in accordance with the instructions given to Precision by the Dentist.
  6. Precision warrant that where the order specifies the use of materials of a certain quality the work will be done with material of at least that quality. Precision reserves the right to alter materials and alloys.
  7. Since the Dentist is responsible for deciding the suitability of the work for his patient, Precision gives no warranty that the goods ordered are suitable for the use proposed by the Dentist.
  8. Precision accepts the responsibility placed on it by law for personal injury or death. The Dentist aggress that before using any product supplied by Precision he will inspect them and satisfy himself that they appear to be free from defects and suitable for the purpose for which he wishes to use them.
  9. All costs of treatment (whether original or remedial) shall as between Precision and the Dentist be met by the Dentist.
  10. The work will be carried out by Precision in a reasonable time having regard to the availability of labour and supplies. Precision will endeavour to meet requests for urgent cases but the order must be confirmed by fax or telephone. Any urgent cases must be clearly marked URGENT and state the reasons for the urgency. A surcharge as stated in the price list is raised on urgent work. Express courier charges on urgent work will be charged extra.
  11. Precision shall not be responsible for any delay in meeting the order which is caused by force majeur or by any other matter outside Precision’s immediate control.
  12. The goods shall be at Precision’s risk during transit, if the goods are received damaged or incomplete the Dentist must notify Precision in writing within 3 days of receipt. If the goods are not delivered the Dentist must notify Precision of their non delivery within 21 days of the order. If this notice is not received by Precision within the time specified the Dentist shall have no claim against Precision for any loss or damage to the goods in transit. Where applicable the Dentist shall retain the goods and the packaging for inspection by the carrier or their insurers.
  13. The Dentist shall pay for the goods and services provided by Precision in accordance with Precision’s UK price list, within 30 days of monthly invoicing. If the goods or services do not appear in the UK price list the Dentist shall pay the price agreed with Precision before the work is started and if no such price is agreed such price as fair and reasonable.
  14. Prices shown on the UK Price list include all applicable United Kingdom taxes and carriage and insurance to the Dentist at an address in the UK.
  15. If any account for work done remains unpaid more than 30 days after it was delivered, the Dentist shall pay Precision interest on all sums unpaid at 2.5% per month from 30 days after the date of the invoice until the sums are paid in full and whether before or after any Court judgement. In addition, if legal proceedings are required to recover the money the Dentist shall pay the costs of such proceedings on an indemnity basis.
  16. No title is to pass to the Dentist until the full agreed purchase price has been paid to Precision.
  17. All money received by the Dentist through disposal of goods are to belong to Precision in equity and are to be paid into a separate bank account and held on trust for Precision until the agreed price has been paid in full to Precision.
  18. The Dentist warrants to Precision that he is the principal or one of the principals of his practice or that he is duly authorised by one or more of the principals to enter into the contract. The Dentist shall in any event be personally liable for the payment of all sums due to Precision in respect of the work or orders in addition to any other person who may be liable.
  19. All agreements under these terms are made subject to English law. Procee-dings in respect of them may be brought in the Swindon County Court or any other Court which may have jurisdiction.

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